How to Install Hammocks & Swings Using the Ultimate Tree Strap Hanging Kit

How to Hang a Swing From a Tree

How to Install Hammocks & Swings Using the Ultimate Tree Strap Hanging Kit

If you purchased the Ultimate Swing Strap Kit by Three Pals Creations, then you already received our printed swing strap installation guide inside the box.

But, sometimes things get lost, or are misplaced; therefore, we decided to provide an online installation guide for our tree swing strap kit. This way, you can always access our 5 steps installation guide from your smartphone or tablet.

Before we move forward; however, allow us to thank you for trusting our product. Your trust means a lot to us, as it will help us grow and develop more amazing products in the future.

So, we, the Three Pals Creations team would like to personally thank each and every one of you!

Since we know that your time is valuable, and you are reading this article while holding our amazing swing strap in your hand, here is how to properly install it in order to fully enjoy an outdoor or indoor swing.

STEP 1 – Identifying the Loops on Your Swing Strap

After you open the package you received from Amazon, you can notice that our swing strap for tree limbs features two different loops, one at each end.

The first loop includes a green sleeve with our logo on it, while the second one is standard. The first thing you have to do is to identify the tree branch you wish to use as support for your outdoor swing.

IMPORTANT! To safely install an outdoor swing, make sure you respect the rules outlined by our guide here.

Swing Strap Installation Guide

Now, that you have found the perfect tree branch, place our adjustable swing strap around it.

STEP 2 – Installing the Loops the Correct Way

While holding the loop with the green sleeve in your hand, place the opposite end (without a sleeve) directly through the first one, as pictured below.

Using a Tree Swing Hanging Strap

STEP 3 – Use the Protection Covers Efficiently

The third step in our Ultimate Tree Swing Strap installation guide is also the most important. It will increase the safety of the entire swing, due to the second protection cover included in our kit.

Before pulling down the loose end of the strap, move the second protection cover up. Notice that the second cover or sleeve, is mobile and it is located on the strap. Your goal is to place the second cover, under the first one, which is located inside the loop.

In other words, the first cover must be on top of the second one, and none of them should reach the black strap directly.How to Hang a Tree Swing the Right Way

This way, the only working point on the tree strap has a double layer; thus reducing friction and increasing the lifetime and the safety of the swing.

STEP 4 – Fasten the Joint

While holding the mobile sleeve (cover) with your left hand; pull down the loose end of the swing strap to fasten the joint.

Hanging Your Wood Tree Swing Instructions

STEP 5 – Locking Down the Swing

Now, that the strap is installed, attach the carabiner to the other end; followed by your favorite outdoor or indoor swing. With a single strap, you can install most types of Hammock SwingsSpinner SwingsDisc Swings, Web Swings and Tire Swings, but other swings such as those for toddlers, require two swing straps.

Make sure that once you arrach the swing, you also lock down the carabiner.

Last but not least, always test the swing before allowing your kids to play in it!
How to Hang Your New Swing or Tire Swing With Hanging Straps

Why You Should Use Our Swing Strap Installation Guide

Following our Ultimate Tree Swing Strap installation guide is imperative if you wish to increase the lifetime of our multi-purpose strap.

If you have any questions, feel free to read our FAQ section here, drop us a message or simply share your feedback on our dedicated Amazon page.

Sharing your thoughts, your feedback, and even your stories regarding our Ultimate Swing Strap is invaluable to us!

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