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The Ultimate Tree Strap Hanging Kit is delivered with everything you need to install your swing in less than 5 minutes:

  • 1 X 10 Ft adjustable heavy-duty tree swing strap made 100% of industrial grade polyester
  • 1 X Heavy-duty carabiner made 100% of industrial grade steel
  • 1 X Free carry pouch for easy transportation
  • 2 X Free protection sleeves to reduce friction while using our swing strap

The Ultimate Swing Strap Hanging Kit is designed in Europe by Three Pals Creations and manufactured in China by an industry-leading factory with over 19 years of experience in producing the best camping and outdoor equipment for the largest brands.

For questions about our product or us, you can contact us easily using the form on our contact page, or send us a message on our Facebook page. We’ll get back with an answer as fast as possible.

Yes. We stand behind all our products and sell them with a valid warranty. To benefit from our warranty, you must register your product here on our dedicated page, so we can successfully track your product. After submitting the form on our page your warranty is activated.

Our strap sells exclusively on Amazon.com. Shipping will be handled by Amazon, as well as payment.

It is 10 feet long, 2 inches wide and 1.6 millimeters thick. You can find even more details on our product page.

If you wish to shorten the swing strap, simply wrap it around the tree branch as many times as needed until you reach the desired length. For additional information, feel free to check our blog.

Yes, our tree swing strap was designed to resist harsh winters and brutal summers and it is waterproof; however, we recommend you to remove it from the tree if you don’t intend to use it for a long period of time. Keep in mind that in some trees, there are rodents that might be interested in it.

Yes, as long as the beam and the pergola are strong enough to hold the user’s weight, you can easily hang your indoor or outdoor swing using our strap.

Along with our product, you will receive a quick installation guide that will help you install your favorite swing in less than five minutes. If by any chance you lose our written guide, simply check our blog section for an online installation guide.

No. Since it is 2 inches wide, and because there is no friction between the strap and the tree branch, our Ultimate Swing Strap Kit will not hurt the trees in your backyard.

Yes, due to the force applied by the user sitting on the swing, the straps will remain in a fixed position.

No. Our Ultimate Swing Strap Hanging Kit has everything you need; however, depending on the type of swing you want to install you might need a swivel.

Using a single kit, you can install most Hammock Swings, Spinner Swings, Disc Swings, Web Swings and Tire Swings. With two swing strap kits, you can install most Classic Swings, Garden Swings, Toddler Swings, Porch Swings and Patio Swings.

You should look for a branch that has at least 8 inches in diameter. Furthermore, make sure that the branch has no cracks, signs of rot or any type of fungus on it.

We recommend you to use a ladder because you should always check the branch to see if it’s healthy. If you can’t reach it using a ladder, you can simply throw one end over the branch and place the other one through the loop. Pull the strap to tighten it on the branch.

Our tree strap can hold 2.800 pounds or 1.300 Kg, while the carabiner can hold 4.800 pounds or 2.177 Kg.

Although we never thought of it, you can definitely use our strap to hang a punching bag while training outside or for other purposes.

Of course. You can attach them easily using the carabiners provided by us, or as we recommend, you can place the loop from one strap through the loop on the second one. This way you will have a 20 feet long tree swing strap in less than a minute.

Yes, since the strap is not moving while swinging, it can be installed even if the tree branch is not horizontal.

Yes, you can install all types of hammocks using our swing strap. The installation process is similar, the only difference being that you will use a vertical support (tree trunk for example) instead of a horizontal one. The tree strap we have designed works well with Grand Trunk, ENO, Hennessy, Warbonnet, Jacks ‘R’ Better, Rallt, Kammok and Yukon hammocks.

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