5 Ideas to Use a Swing Strap for Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Hard Top Safe Storage Trick

5 Ideas to Use a Swing Strap for Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Ever wondered what else can you do with several tree swing straps, besides installing your favorite indoor or outdoor swings?

Well, here are 5 other uses for the Ultimate Swinging Kit we designed and currently sell exclusively on Amazon.

Everybody knows what tree swing straps are, so all we’re going to say is that The Ultimate Tree Swing Strap created by us, Three Pals Creations, is the best tree swing strap on the market, and is manufactured using the best industrial materials available.


Best Tree Swing Straps For Hammocks

Hanging a hammock using swing straps


We also want you to know that our tree swing strap holds up to 2.800 pounds; while the carabiner can hold up to 4.800 pounds. The strap is also 10 feet long, 2 inches wide, 1.6 millimeters thick. It’s made out of 100% industrial grade polyester. All these for your safety.

It is a heavy duty tree swing kit that can be used with spinner swings, tire swings, disc swings, web swings and hammock swings. If you want to use it for classic tree swings, garden swings, porch swings or toddler swings, you will have to buy 2 swing strap kits.

OK, but the Ultimate Tree Swing Strap has some other uses as well. See them below.

Use Tree Swing Straps to Bundle Items

Our swing strap is strong enough to hold almost any type of cargo that you would want to tie up for handling, transportation, or simply for safe storage.

For example, you might have a few bicycles that you don’t want to use over the winter; and at the same time, you want to have them properly secured and stored in your garage. In this case, you can use our swing strap to tie the bicycles up and hang them in a safe place.  This way you will also save space and have a tidy garage.

Use a Swing Strap Kit When You Go Camping or Hiking

Apart from having fun using it as it’s meant to be used for a swing or a hammock; you never know when it can be handy to have it.

For example, you can help a fellow hiker or a child, to climb up a steep hill. Once you are on the top of the hill, drop the swing strap as its 10 feet long, and simply tell him or her to hold onto one end while you will pull him/her up the hill.

You can also use the swing strap to tie up a bundle of firewood together. Instead of making 10 trips to get all the wood (like in the picture below), you can bring it all in one go.

Bundle Of Firewood

Carrying a bundle of firewood without a strap


Another use would be to tie up and secure all your camping gear onto your car roof. This way you will have more space in the car.

Use Tree Swing Straps to Hang Punching Bags

If you are into contact sports and you want to train; just hang up a punching bag and start using it.

Because the strap is heavy duty it will hold any type of bags and it won’t break no matter how much force you apply to the punching bag.

Outdoor Punching Bag Installation Guide

Hanging a punching bag using a swing strap


Lift Heavy Bags or Construction Materials

Because it's 10 feet long and can hold up to 2.800 pounds; you can use the swing strap to lift bags and luggage from the ground floor to the first floor. Or from the first floor to the second floor, and so on.

You can use either a window or a balcony to bring your stuff inside your house.

For example, if you have construction works inside your house on the first floor and you don’t want to use the stairs, you can use the swing strap to lift up all the construction materials straight into the house without making a mess in the hallway.

Hoist the Top of Your Convertible

If you have a convertible, a truck, or a camper with a hard top and you want to take it off for different reasons; instead of buying expensively built hoists, just use 2 swing strap kits.

Simply add 2 strong hooks onto your garage ceiling, one in the front and one in the back.

Then use your tree straps to lift the top of your car, and counterbalance it until it stays still.

Hard Top Safe Storage Trick

Storing a hard top inside garage using a swing strap


Now, you can enjoy summer in your convertible without worrying about the hard top every time you have to park the car.

So this is our guide to 5 other uses for The Ultimate Tree Swing Strap (now available on Amazon).

If you have any questions or know other uses for the strap, tell us in the comments section below; and if you need additional help installing your outdoor swing using our tree swing-strap, check our free online installation guide here.

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