November 2017

Amazon Outdoor Toddler Swing

Best Amazon Bucket Swings and Toddler Swing Sets

Toddler swings are very different compared to other types of swings because they can only be used by infants with ages between 6 months to 4 years, under strict adult supervision. The design is also different, looking like a half bucket with leg holes for the little ones. This is why they are also known as bucket swings. They are usually made of high-grade durable plastic, being able to combat the harsh effects of weather. Over the years there have been [...]

October 2017

Beautiful Wooden Porch Swings

Best Amazon Porch Swings and Patio Swing Sets

Porch swings are wooden bench like seats designed primarily for adult use. The wood patio swings are usually installed on the porch ceiling, but with the right equipment, you can hang them anywhere, even inside your living room. Usually, porch swings can’t be hanged from tree limbs, but if you use two of our Ultimate Swing Straps, you will be able to install them anywhere you want, because each strap holds up to 2800 lbs. which is more than enough [...]

Best Amazon Hammock Swings

Best Amazon Hammock Swings and Net Chair Swing Sets

Just like hammocks, hammock swings are used for resting or swinging, and they are made of fabrics, ropes or nettings. Originally, the basic hammocks were created by natives from Central and South America, who used them for sleeping. When Columbus discovered the Americas and saw the natives' hammocks, he introduced them to Europeans. Soon after, almost all sailing ships used them instead of bunk beds, because hammocks swung when the ships were moving, thus, the sailors were safe while sleeping. There are [...]

September 2017

Amazon Web Swings

Best Amazon Web Swings and Spider Web Swing Sets

If you consider buying a new swing for your backyard, then you should know that most web swings, just like hammock swings, disc swings, spinner swings, toddler swings and even porch swings, work perfectly with our Ultimate Tree Swing Strap. There are many differences between these swings, so make sure to research all of them before buying one. For example, disc swings have a small plastic round seat that hangs from a rope. They usually hold up to 120 – 150 pounds. A [...]

Disc Rope Swing Seat

Best Amazon Disc Swings and Flying Disc Swing Sets

Although they were not disc swings, common swings exist since ancient times. In Heraklion Archaeological Museum from Crete, there is a small figurine with a woman sitting on a swing. It dates between 1450 -1300 BC and was found in Hagia Triada. In Louvre Museum from Paris there is an amphora dated ca. 525BC from Greece, showing a woman on a swing. It was found in Vulci, Italy. Nowadays most kids prefer to stay inside their houses and play video games, [...]

August 2017

Sorbus Spinner Swing

Best Amazon Spinner Swings and Spinner Swing Sets

While working on designing our Ultimate Tree Swing Strap for Three Pals Creations, one of our goals was to create a product that works with all toddler swings, porch swings, spinner swings, hammock swings, disc swings and web swings available on the market. During our research, we had the opportunity to investigate some of the spinner swings currently sold on Amazon, that will perfectly fit our tree swing strap kit. These swings excel in quality and features, being the best Amazon spinner swings you should [...]

Tire Swing How To Guide

How to Safely Install Outdoor Tree Swings

If you intend to install one or more outdoor tree swings safely; then there are several rules you have to follow in order to make sure that nobody gets hurt while swinging. The good thing about installing a tree swing in your backyard is that these days you don’t need to use additional tools such as hammers, ropes, screws or nails. It is a simple task you can accomplish while having fun with your kids, and you can also teach [...]

How to Hang a Swing From a Tree

How to Install Hammocks & Swings Using the Ultimate Tree Strap Hanging Kit

If you purchased the Ultimate Swing Strap Kit by Three Pals Creations, then you already received our printed swing strap installation guide inside the box. But, sometimes things get lost, or are misplaced; therefore, we decided to provide an online installation guide for our tree swing strap kit. This way, you can always access our 5 steps installation guide from your smartphone or tablet. Before we move forward; however, allow us to thank you for trusting our product. Your trust means [...]