Ultimate Swing Strap

We Call It The Ultimate Swing Strap

Although it goes by many names, such as the Best Tree Swing Strap Kit, or the Amazing Swing Strap for Tree Limbs, we prefer it to be known as The Ultimate Swing Strap Kit or The Ultimate Tree Swing Strap.

Available ONLY to Amazon US customers, built from the finest materials, and designed in Europe by Three Pals Creations, our swing kit is more than a rope for a garden swing. It is a high-end product built with care for you and for the surrounding environment.

What’s in the Box?

Our tree swing kit comes with everything you need, to start having fun in less than 5 minutes. It includes the following:

  • 1 X Stylish Gift Box with Minimalist Design
  • 1 X 10 Ft Adjustable Swing Strap
  • 1 X Heavy Duty Carabiner
  • 1 X Free Carry Bag for Easy Transportation
  • 2 X Free Protection Sleeves

Size Matters After All

The Ultimate Swing Strap by Three Pals Creations has a usable length of 10 feet or exactly 3.048 meters. Due to its design, it is an adjustable tree swing strap that can be easily installed by everyone.

It has a width of precisely 2 inches to increase the safety of its users and of the trees on which it is installed. Unlike other tree kits for swings that use ropes, our tree swing strap won’t damage the branches of the trees because of friction.

Best Materials for the Best Tree Strap

The Tree Swing Hanging Kit we have designed uses two materials, both of them of industrial grade.

The strap is made 100% of industrial grade polyester while the webbing is similar to the one used in safety belts. Different from most straps sold online, which are made of nylon, we have decided to spare no expense when it comes to the safety of infants and adults alike.

The carabiner we have included in our kit is made 100% of industrial grade steel, resistant to rust.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Because we also wanted to please adults (parents and grandparents in general), the Ultimate Tree Swing Strap can hold up to 2.800 pounds (1.300 Kg). This means that our swing strap can carry the weight of an American Bison or 2 Water Buffalos.

According to biomedcentral.com, the average body weight of a North American adult is 80.7 Kg or 176 pounds. The simple math tells us that up to 16 adults can use our strap at the same time.

The carabiner, on the other hand, is even more powerful, because it can hold up to 4.800 pounds (2.177 Kg). That is more than the average weight of a Hippopotamus and equal to the average weight of 27 adults.

One Swing-Strap to Fit All Tree Swings

At Three Pals Creations, we love a multi-purpose product that’s easy to install. With a single tree swing hanging kit you can install all types of Hammock Swings, Spinner Swings, Disc Swings, Web Swings and Tire Swings in less than 5 minutes.

For Classic Swings, Garden Swings, Toddler Swings, Porch and Patio Swings the installation time is the same, but two tree swing strap kits are required.

Furthermore, if you use two tree swing straps hanging sets you can install all types of hammocks (Rallt, ENO, Kammok, Hennessey, Yukon, and Grand Trunk).

Safe vs. Safest Tree Swing Strap

When we started to work on the design we had in mind for the Ultimate Swing Strap we eliminated most safety problems that appeared by using premium materials. All except for two.

One of the common issues with other swing straps for sale online is that they break due to friction or cheap materials used for sewing. After months of testing, we are proud to say that the Ultimate Swing Strap we have designed eliminated these two problems.

First, we have decided to increase the total length of the sewing area to 10 centimeters at both ends. Our strap is also the only one available to have a sewing pattern similar to industrial slings.

To create the safest strap for outdoor swings we decided to reduce the friction by adding not one but two protective sleeves made 100% of industrial grade polyester. When placed correctly (according to our installation guide), the sleeves act as protection covers against friction, making our Ultimate Swing Strap Kit, the safest on the market.

Details Always Differentiate

The Ultimate Tree Swing Strap is also a stylish product that would make a great gift for kids, teenagers, and adults. The black and green combination we have used will surely impress even the youngest member of your family.

We have used lasers to engrave our carabiner, so you can easily identify it if you misplace it. On one of the green sleeves, we have placed our logo which sends our friendship message.

Furthermore, the strap kit includes a carrying bag for easy transportation as well as a quick installation guide.

Finally, everything is placed inside a fancy box made of biodegradable carton.

Easy to Set Up, Remove and Maintain

The simple design allows you to install your outdoor swing in minutes without drilling or using additional tools. The swing strap installation guide we have included will teach you how to set up an amazing swing in your back garden or on your porch.

Should you misplace the flyer, simply visit our website again and use the online installation guide for the swing strap you purchased from us. Once you decide to stop using the swing strap, remove it and safely place it inside the free pouch you received inside the package.

Re-install it when you are ready to have more fun with your Ultimate Swing Strap from Three Pals Creations!