Best Amazon Web Swings and Spider Web Swing Sets

Amazon Web Swings

Best Amazon Web Swings and Spider Web Swing Sets

If you consider buying a new swing for your backyard, then you should know that most web swings, just like hammock swingsdisc swings, spinner swings, toddler swings and even porch swings, work perfectly with our Ultimate Tree Swing Strap. There are many differences between these swings, so make sure to research all of them before buying one.

For example, disc swings have a small plastic round seat that hangs from a rope. They usually hold up to 120 – 150 pounds. A spinner swing, on the other hand, has a 40 inches round plastic base that holds up to 650 pounds. It's good for both kids or adults.

Finally, web swings are similar to spinner swings, but instead of having a heavy duty plastic seating, they have a spider web looking nylon rope seat.

The following shopping guide reveals the highest rated web swings currently available on Amazon.

1. Clevr 40" Tire Web Swing 

Amazon Web Swings

40" Tire Web Swing by Clevr

Clevr sells on Amazon a 40-inch web swing for $116.99. It has a 71-inch nylon rope that will help you fix the swing in almost any tree or playground. If that's not enough, you can always buy our heavy duty 10-foot tree swing strap.

Clevr's web swing can hold up to 600 lbs. meaning that even adults can use it. A swivel hook was included in the package to reduce rope twists. The frame is made out of 2-inch thick steel, covered in shock absorbing foam.

The seating area is from bouncy Teslin cloth. This fabric is made of polyester yarns individually PVC coated and is used to make umbrellas, sunscreens, cushions and more. It is very durable and flame resistant.

It is easy to take it with you on your outdoor trips as it is collapsible, thus easy to transport. The swing only weighs 8 pounds.

Momentarily, the web swing sold by Clevr has a perfect 5-star rating from 3 reviews. Out of these, 2 are verified purchases. Chelsey gave a 5-star rating and outlined that this swing is heavy duty. She used it to swing with her 2 daughters and her husband.

2. Best Choice Products 24" Web Swings

Best Web Swings

24" Web Swing by Best Choice Products

The following 24-inch web swing is being sold by multiple sellers. One of them is Bestchoiceproducts, who sells it for $43.69. The other seller is NYC stores but their price is $89.50.

There are a few differences between this product and the web swing presented previously. First of all, the Best Choice Products web swings have only 24-inch in diameter while the one above has 40 inches. This one has a 72-inch nylon rope, which is 1 inch longer.

Another difference can be found while looking at the seating area. While Bestchoiceproducts uses a spider web design from nylon rope, but Clevr opted for Teslin cloth.

The biggest difference, on the other hand, is the price. Bestchoiceproducts sells its web swings for $43.99/unit, while Clevr has a price tag of $116.99.

Please bear in mind that there is no information regarding the weight limit for this product provided by the manufacturer. In the Q&A section, Intarsia along with other customers confirmed that it is around 200 lbs.

This web swing does not come with a complete hanging kit, so you'll have to buy a swing strap separately.

Best Choice Products' web swing has a 4.9-star rating and 12 reviews. All of them are positive and the only 4-star review comes from Shelby B on June 19, 2016, who was disappointed that there is no way to adjust the swing's height.

Apart from that, all other reviews are perfect 5-stars. Meghan Yarnell even posted pictures of her son while swinging. She simply said that she loves her web swing.

3. Sorbus Spinner Swing

Large Web Swings

Round Web Spinner Swing by Sorbus

Next, in our shopping guide, comes another 24-inch net seat web swing. Sell Below Cost sells it for $31.99. Along with the swing, you will get the hanging accessories and instructions.

Sorbus round web swing is easy to install and you can hang it within minutes; however, we suggest you read our outdoor tree swing installation guide first. The suspension ropes are 63 inches long. The seating area is from 5mm thick woven nylon material, with the same design as those above.

A strong steel frame, covered with a shock absorbent material; was used for this web swing. You can open it in 4 pieces for easier transportation and storage.

In this case, the manufacturer, Sorbus, specifies that this swing can hold up to 220 pounds.

Same as Best Choice Products 24" Web Swing, it has a 4.9-star rating, but only 10 reviews.

It received 9 5-star reviews and only 1 4-star from GingerGirl on August 18, 2017. She said that this swing would be best for smaller kids.

4. Swinging Monkey Products 24" Spider Web Playground Swing

Black Web Swing

24" Spider Web Playground Swing by Swinging Monkey Products

Swinging Monkey Products advertises their 24-inch spider web swing for $59.99. At first glance, you can notice that this swing looks the same as the one from Sorbus, but costs $28 more. The difference is that this one has longer ropes (70 inches) and holds more weight (250 pounds).

Same as the other three, it has a padded round steel frame that allows kids to swing in all directions. The seat is of heavy-duty nylon rope.

These particular web swings have an overall rating of 4.8 and 129 reviews. Out of 129, only 4 are critical reviews.

The most interesting one comes from Gregory White, on May 17, 2016. He described the swing as an overpriced item, followed by:

"Foam tears very easily. The company is not easy to deal with. Not worth the cost or aggravation." Gregory gave it 1-star.

Apart from the 4 negative reviews, the rest of 125 are 4 and 5-stars. For example, it received a 5-star review from Rachs212 who outlines:

"My girls love the swing. It fits perfectly on our swing set and is a perfect size. Both my girls like using it together sitting back to back on it, but also fun for single person use."

Deana reviewed the product on May 12, 2016, and said that her grandkids loved it, thus she bought 2 web swings.

5. Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swings

Spider Web Swing for Sale

Spider Web Tree Swing by Play Platoon

Just like the first web swing we presented, Play Platoon's product has 40 inches in diameter and holds up to 600 pounds (four children or two adults). The difference is that this web swing costs $125 while the one from Clevr is only $116.99.

You can buy either a full spider web seat or an open center model. It also comes with extra thick rope. This web swing is sold with 2 carabiners but requires a tree hanging kit, such as the one designed by us, at Three Pals Creations.

If you decide to go with our Ultimate Swing Strap Kit, check the installation guide in the box or the one available online.

With a 4.8-star rating, this is the last one to reach our top 5 best Amazon web swings. Since its launch on Amazon, over 200 customers left reviews.

Ramona posted a video on September 19, 2017, along with this review:

"My 2-year-old and my adult friends love playing on this swing. It's obviously high quality! It is easy to take on and off. I've received so many compliments from neighbors!!!!! They think it makes everything look great too! I am so happy to have a swing on a tree at our house. I like it tons more than a playground thing."

Opposed to the 5-star reviews, skrish gave this swing a 3-star rating and said that it has good materials but it's uncomfortable.

Cristal C. rated this swing with only 1-star pointing out that: "We hung it up on Memorial Day weekend. On Labour Day weekend, we noticed the ropes were frayed almost to the point of collapse. If that had broken while our kids were swinging, it could have resulted in serious head injury as they swing pretty high and our swing swings over the grass parking strip and concrete sidewalk."

6. Our Verdict

As of today, the best web swing for sale on Amazon is the one from Clevr.

The big seating area and the new design make a huge difference. In conclusion, if you want a new web swing, then this is your safest bet.

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