Best Amazon Disc Swings and Flying Disc Swing Sets

Disc Rope Swing Seat

Best Amazon Disc Swings and Flying Disc Swing Sets

Although they were not disc swings, common swings exist since ancient times. In Heraklion Archaeological Museum from Crete, there is a small figurine with a woman sitting on a swing. It dates between 1450 -1300 BC and was found in Hagia Triada.

In Louvre Museum from Paris there is an amphora dated ca. 525BC from Greece, showing a woman on a swing. It was found in Vulci, Italy.

Nowadays most kids prefer to stay inside their houses and play video games, that’s why many parents buy swings in order to encourage their children to spend more time outside, enjoying nature.

Along with the porch swingshammock swingsspinner swings and the web swings we already ranked, our Ultimate Swing Strap can also be used for toddler swings and disc swing sets; hence we took a closer look at the best 5 disc swings sets sold on Amazon.

1. Squirrel Products Climbing Rope with Small Platforms and Disc Swing Seat

Disc Rope Swing Seat

Disc Rope Swing Seat by Squirrel Products

The disc swings by Squirrel Products sell for $34.95. For this amount, you will get a climbing rope with a disc seat, one carabiner, and an installation guide with safety instructions.

The biggest improvement brought by Squirrel Products to this type of swing is the climbing rope which offers a lot of health and learning benefits because it encourages exercise, builds confidence, improves balance and provides a lot of fun.

The Squirrel Products disc swing set is rather new to the market. It has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating and 16 customer reviews, of which 15 buyers gave a 5-star rating and 1 customer decided to rate it with only 3 stars. It is worth noting though that all reviews come from verified purchases.

On August 25, 2017, MJ said in a review that the kids are in love with this disc swing:

My kids are in love with their new tree swing/climbing rope. They challenge themselves daily to get to the top of the rope--a great workout for little ones. It keeps them active and they have fun. Win-win! I love the quality of the rope too...super thick rope with awesome pedestals.”

The only critical review comes from Jasmine N. She rated this tree disc swing a 3-star. She says that the concept is nice, but she didn’t like that the bottom plate is not stable:

I like the concept, the only thing I didn't like about this is that the bottom plate where you put your feet on, it’s not stable, meaning you have to pull yourself up and then try to balance with both feet on it to be able to stand on it. If you just step one foot on, it tilts, so technically you can't really sit on it to swing if you wanted to. You would fall right off.”

2. Squirrel Products Green Tree Disc Swings

Best Disc Swings On Amazon

Tree Disc Swing by Squirrel Products

Second on the list comes another swing from Squirrel Products. This item is a standard disc rope swing, which sells on Amazon for $14.99.

Squirrel Products describes these tree disc swings as designed to take them "anywhere you go", like picnic or camping. It will hold up to 200 pounds, promising fun for all ages.

The disc is made out of polyethylene plastic and the rope is made out of nylon. The metal ring was designed for quick installation while the swing is for residential use only.

This particular disc swing has 66 reviews on Amazon from which 50 customers decided to rate it with 5 stars. Mom2boys, described it on June 20, 2017, as “just plain fun”. She goes on and tells the story of her second disc swing.

We already owned a disc swing like this. But our big tree had so many branches and our kids and the neighbor kids were always fighting over whose turn it was to swing, so we decided to put in another one. We purchased this swing and are very happy with it. The Rope was long enough to hang from a high branch and sturdy enough that I feel comfortable swinging on it myself. I recommend this swing.”  She even posted a picture.

In the critical section, T & K Jackson’s review from June 16, 2016, is the most interesting one.

The tree swing disc came and my son could not wait to go out and play on it. I actually bought it for my parent's house since they have a swing set but it is called a tree swing disc so I assumed until we got there we could use it at home. It does not come with any means to hang it from a tree which I did not realize until I had it on hand but I found a way to make it work short term while we have it here. The disc itself is rather small and my son who is four has had a hard time keeping his balance but I'm sure with time he will figure it out a bit better.

I received this green tree swing disc at a very deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion in the form of a review and that is exactly what I have provided. My thoughts, opinions, and experiences are those of my own and have not been influenced by outside sources in any manner. Receiving a product at a discount does not guarantee a five-star review. I would never allow receiving a product at less than its normal price to sway my opinion or review in any way.”

3. Summersdream Blue Disk Seat Swing Monkey Rope Tree Swing

Best Disc Swing Set Online

Disc Swing Set by Summersdream

This tree swing sells on Amazon for $14.24. Summerdream sells it in 6 colors (yellow, lime, pink, red, orange and blue). For this price, you will get a plastic disc and a 7 feet nylon rope.

Summerdream describes the swing as sturdy and weather resistant. This is why he has a 100% money back guarantee policy.

This product has a 4.6 rating and 118 customer reviews. So let’s have a look at what customers have to say about the disc swings sold by Summerdream.

Out of 118 reviews, 93 people decided to rate it with 5 stars. For example, on June 8, 2017, Lily said that her two kids simply love it. She actually thinks of buying a second one so that her 2 girls can swing at the same time.

Jus-ax-mama gave this disc swing a 5-star feedback on January 31, 2017. She described it as “sturdy, well made and priced right. This is by far my grandchildren's favorite swing. They have other swings but this is the one they use every day.

On December 29, 2016, pauliepig also decided to write a review. He rated the product as 4 stars. My daughter loves it! It spins a lot though and gets out of control. My daughter has to stop completely to get out of the spin. Other than that it's fun!”

On the other hand, stephnapo and Robert E Philips both gave this disc swing 2 stars. They are complaining that the rope is too slippery and that their kids are constantly falling off.

Stacy Keller wrote on October 17, 2016: Rope pinches kid’s legs easily. Ordering a different style with a plastic protector around the base of the rope.” She rated it with 1 star.

4. Squirrel Products Tree Swing Disc Rope Swing

Amazon Disc Swing With Rope

Disc Swing With Rope by Squirrel Products

Sold on Amazon for $21.99, this is the third disc swing by Squirrel Products featured in our top 5 best Amazon disc swings. It comes in 3 colors (blue, green and red) and it’s made from polyethylene plastic being designed for residential use.

The disc hangs from a 9 feet and 4 inches heavy duty nylon rope, which can hold up to 120 pounds. The seat has a diameter of 12 inches and 2 inches thick. Finally, a metal ring for easy installation is included with the swing.

Squirrel Products disc rope swing has 87 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. 83% of the customers who reviewed the product gave 5 stars and only 2% rated it with 1 star.

Canoer79 wrote that it was better than expected. On July 12, 2017, he left the following review:

Very nice Tree Swing. The rope is bulky so it's easy to grip and it's soft to the touch. The length of the rope is easily adjusted. It seems sturdy. Put it up for my daughter, but it holds my 225 lbs. no problem. I attached to a Heavy duty porch swing hanger with a ball bearing swivel. Put a large hook on the side of the tree to keep it up out of the way for mowing and such when not in use. Nice bright red color. Daughter loves it. Couldn't build one myself for less.” Canoer79 gave the tree swing 5 stars.

But nothing in this world is perfect, including the disc swings sold by Squirrel Products. This is why 7 out of 87 reviews are negative. The worst review comes from Scott Bobbit.

On July 18, 2017, he wrote: “Have only had this rope swing for 2.5 months. The top of the seat is separating from the bottom along the seam. Was informed my window of returning this product has passed. More than a little frustrating!” Scott rated the disc swing with 1 star.

5. Little Tikes Disc Swings

Disc Swing For Trees

Disc Swing for Trees by Little Tikes

Last in our top 5 best disc swings on Amazon is the one Little Tikes sells for $24.99. The swing comes with a 10 feet weather resistant rope. The seat has 11.75 x 11.75 x 5.25 inches.

Little Tikes was founded in 1970 and its main headquarters and manufacturing facility is in Hudson, Ohio. It also operates several manufacturing and distribution centers in Europe and Asia.

Their disc swings have a 4.4-star rating and 496 reviews, of which 318 are 5 stars.

A really good review comes from Booklover Mom. She describes the disc swing as “the most versatile swing ever” and continues the story as follows:

We have three children, age 17, 12 and 9. We bought this swing about 12 years ago in a Toys”R” Us and attached it to the oak tree right outside our house. Since we live on a hill, the daily swinging, scene viewing, and stress-reducing session have been going on forever for my kids, first the eldest, then the middle, and now the youngest. The swing lasted over 10 years...Yes, you heard me right. It lasted over 10 years, in rain or shine with pretty much daily use, even though we have a full-scale play structure on the other side of our house.
Unfortunately, it broke, finally...longer than expected. I ordered another one immediately from Amazon, and the new one is up and running. I hope the new one will have a similar long and loved life. My kids love it. Thanks for a great and durable design.”

But the tree disc swings sold by Little Tikes also received 12 1-star reviews.

Tim Bass claims that none of his children can swing on it. Apparently, the disc swing is not level enough for them to sit on it.

Bwjones gave this swing a 2-star rating and wrote: “I'm not really happy with this swing. It works fine, but there are two major inconveniences: 1) Water collects inside the disk and won't evaporate, meaning you have to turn it upside down and shake the water out each time it rains. And 2) after two years of sun exposure, the rope has become frayed and brittle, releasing a handful of small fibers and dust every time you grip it.”

6. Our Verdict

As a verdict, the climbing rope with small platforms and disc swing seat by Squirrel Products is the best Amazon tree disc swing of 2017, because it offers more activities and helps children exercise. The climbing rope is a very good improvement to the standard disc swings.

Before using a disc swing make sure you check our outdoor swing installation guide. Furthermore, we suggest you use your favorite disc swing in conjunction with The Ultimate Tree Swing Strap by Three Pals Creations, to preserve the health of your trees, to increase the safety of your kids, and to avoid cheaply made swing straps.

If you recently purchased a disc swing and you want to share your experience with other buyers, leave a comment in the section below.

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