The Best Tree Swing Strap Hanging Kit

Family and Environment Safety First

We have created the Ultimate Tree Swing Strap Kit knowing how important is your child’s safety and being aware that all kids must play in a safe environment.

Our Ultimate Swing Strap uses the best industrial materials on the market to successfully deliver hours of fun, without damaging the beautiful trees, or your property. Being 2 inches wide, when used on trees, the strap will never hurt the branches because of friction.

Currently, our Ultimate Swing-Strap Hanging Kit is available EXCLUSIVELY on

Best Materials for the Best Tree Swing Strap

The Ultimate Swing Strap Kit by Three Pals Creations is made from the best materials money can buy, and was designed to increase the safety of all users (kids and adults alike).

Made 100% of industrial grade polyester and using a carabiner made 100% of industrial grade steel, our strap will last for years.

The tree strap itself can hold the average weight of over 15 adults who can swing at the same time, while the carabiner alone can carry over 25 grownups.

One Strap to Fit All Tree Swings

Being a multipurpose Swing Strap, you can use one kit for Spinner Swings, Tire and Disc Swings, Web Swings or Hammock Swings.

With two straps instead of one, you can easily install all Classic Swings, Garden Swings, Toddler Swings, Porch and Patio Swings and even Hammocks (Grand Trunk, ENO, Hennessy, Warbonnet, Jacks ‘R’ Better, Rallt and Yukon).

Moreover, even grandparents can set it up, thanks to our quick installation guide. No nails, no screws, and no drilling! EVER!

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